Specialized vehicles

The Specialized Vehicles Range

Special Dumpers

Dieci is always open to customer requests. This is how our SPECIAL MACHINES came to be. Even the standard dumpers have been modified according to direct customer requests, giving fruit to the gigantic dumpers series with capacities up to 7 m³, illustrated on these pages.

They are particularly suitable to moving in small spaces and along winding routes riddled with obstacles, as often occurs on building sites, in mountainous regions, historic city centres, tunnels and road tunnels.


Special machines: A wealth of absolute creativity applied to the building world but also to specific sectors such as tunnels, mines, quarries and railway maintenance…

Unique projects that meet a precise philosophy: “say the machine you want; we will build it”.

Arch Centring


Maximum capacity (kg): 2.800   •  Maximum lifting height (m): 12.6 with boom with 2 telescopic sections  •  Centering extender   •  Two booms with rotating man baskets  •  Maximum capacity of unit (kg): 200   •  Maximum height of floor (m): 11,50  •  Track (mm): 1.900  •  Dimensions (mm): 9700 x 2400 x 3000   •  Total weight empty (kg): 19.000  •  Max speed (km/h): 18  •  Tyres: 405/70 x 24″ for construction site   •  Water-driven purifier CE marking


IVECO – NEF   •  Maximum power kW (HP): 93(127) 2200 rpm  •  Diesel four-stroke direct injection  •  Number and arrangement of cylinders: 4, vertical in line  •  Intake: Aftercooler turbo-compressor   •  Engine size: 4,485 cm³   •  Cooling system: liquid


Hydrostatics: variable-capacity pump  •  Hydraulic engine: with continuous automatic adjustment  •  Reversing: electro-hydraulic gear, can also be actuated with vehicle in motion   •  Servo controlled 2-speed gearbox  •  Inching pedal for controlled forward movement


ROPS – FOPS approval, ventilation and heating, double-glaze door, adjustable seat with seat belt  •  Instrument system: water temperature indicator, fuel level indicator, water and oil temperature light

Safety device:  Movement block in case of overload, starting only with gear in neutral, load limiter.

Hydr. system services:  Gear pump for power steering and services Push-button panel servo controlled hydraulic control distributors

Diff. axles:

Steering axles: 2, with 4 planetary reduction gears  •  Steering types: 4 wheels / transversal / 2 wheels  •  Front axle: rigid, self-blocking Service brake: oil bath on the 4 wheels and servo brake   •  Negative action parking brake